Who owns the music on CheerJam Music?

We do. As a division of MintJam Music we only offer audio tracks that are 100% copyright cleared by all rights holders. These are then licensed to you, under specific licensing terms, for use in your productions. For specific licensing information please visit our Licensing page.

What file format do you offer?

All of our tracks are available as 320kbps MP3. We do not offer other file formats at this time.

I’d like to give credit in my video.

That’s awesome! As CheerJam Music is the rights holder for all music offered from our library, all you need to do is mention CheerJam Music and the title of the track. If you’d like a high resolution CheerJam Music logo for your video our Customer Service team will be happy to help you out.


I didn’t get my email

As your download code and invoice is sent via automated email some mail providers will incorrectly redirect the message to your Spam or Junk Mail folder.

I can’t download the tracks

That’s frustrating! Please contact our Technical Support Team for download issues.

How do I search your library?

All CheerJam Music tracks are categorized by playlist theme so you can quickly find the music you need. All playlists and JamKits are available on our homepage.


What kind of a license do I need?

CheerJam offers one simple license that allows you to use our Cheer music for Cheer-related purposes. For full details please see our Licensing page or contact our Customer Support if you have further questions or needs not covered in our standard license.

I want to use one of your tracks on TV/Radio.

Our standard licenses offer limited broadcast rights, for Cheer-related content only. If you would like to use one of our tracks for anything other than Cheer please contact our Licensing Team to discuss the exact terms of licensing to ensure you are covered.

I received a copyright strike/Content ID claim/takedown request on a YouTube video featuring a CheerJam Music audio track.

This is rare, and we are always very sorry to hear about it when it does occur. All music available on CheerJam Music is guaranteed 100% copyright cleared. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent mistaken copyright claims from being made. The best resolution to this problem is to issue a Counter Notification using the license you received from CheerJam Music as evidence of your rightful use of the track.

Hints & Tips:

We highly recommend referencing CheerJam Music as the source of your audio track in your video descriptions.

Remember: Your CheerJam Music license does not allow you to upload to the Youtube Content ID recognition program. This will result in incorrect copyright claims being made and is a breach of your license with CheerJam Music.

Can I sample, add vocals to, or remix, CheerJam Music tracks?

You can add vocals, edit, rearrange and mix CheerJam Music tracks as a part of a custom Cheer Mix only. Editing of CheerJam Music tracks for any other purpose is not covered under the license agreement.


I’m a musician, can I send you my music?

We do not accept submissions, sorry. All of the music at CheerJam Music and its partner sites is sourced from a highly sought after inner circle of top composers by our expert music supervisors. This allows CheerJam Music to be the highest quality and most carefully curated ‘Royalty Free’ library available. That’s kind of our jam…

I used your music! If I send you my video will you share it?

Yes, yes, yes! We’d love to see what creative and artistic productions you’re making with our music. We’d also love it if you shared them with us on Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like your video featured on our YouTube channel, contact our Creative Team. We want the world to see all of the awesomeness that you’ve created!


Is your site secure?

Yes! We take security very seriously. We entrust all payments to the world’s biggest online payment system, PayPal so your payment and your personal details are fully protected. CheerJam Music do not retain records of your card details on our servers.

Will you share or sell my email address or personal details?

No, never. CheerJam Music diligently protects the information of all our customers as a matter of pride. We will never share, sell, or give away your email address or personal details. Registered users may receive marketing materials and special offers related to CheerJam Music.