Step forward into the new season with purpose!
CheerJam Music presents a spirited collection of playlists designed and curated by our expert music directors specifically for the most competitive Cheer season ever! As a Preferred Provider of USA Cheer, CheerJam Music provides professional Cheer Music with your needs at the heart of its design. Our original playlists, based on usable genres and styles, help you stand out from the crowd so you can focus on choreography knowing that there’s a song perfectly matched to your show stealing moves.

Beats, BPMs, and Best in Class!
All our tracks are based on the BPMs you rely on so you save time finding music and spend more time perfecting your routine. With 120bpm, 148bpm, and 172bpm tempos, every track has energy, thrills, and perfect pacing built in.

We understand pulling together to be the best!
That’s why we’ve put together three JamKits featuring over 20 tracks in each, as well as the sound effects that Wow! the crowds. With so many tracks in each JamKit you know that you have a huge choice of songs, beats and elements to defeat the fiercest of your rivals.

Legal, Licensed, and 100% Copyright Cleared for Cheer
Our unique licensing system makes using our Cheer Music a breeze. Every track is 100% copyright cleared for use in Cheer competition and in videos of your performances. What’s more you can make copies for each member of the team, edit the tracks, and even monetize your Cheer video on YouTube.

CheerJam Music is a division of royalty-free stock music experts MintJam Music. Our licensing experts created your license specifically for Cheerleaders and Cheer groups so you know you’re legal, licensed, and covered by a Cheer USA preferred provider.